Sunday, 17 February 2013

Character 1 Development

This is my character concept for character 1, i developed the police officer concept further in this iteration. I tried to make the character look as if they were an old style cop thrown into a new world and has adapted to the new technology to help her fight crime. New armour, new tools and i also incorporated an element from one of the other development concepts, i gave her a high tech prosthetic leg, this was meant to give her a little history. Injured in the line of duty when adapting to the strange new world and all of its dangers. If this character gets chosen i will then make some more tweaks and development, take into consideration some peer feedback and then flesh the character out with colour, a back view and close ups on any details. I don't colour or paint the characters at this stage because they are not final and since my painting skills are lack luster and slow it would just be a waste of my time, something i cannot afford to lose.
After this character was completed, which actually took longer than intended, i set to work on character 2. 

With this character i tried to experiment with somebody shapes since this one is quite unusual. I did realize whilst creating the development silhouettes that none of my design characters are overtly alien, considering this game is set on an alien planet and is supposed to feature characters from absolutely everywhere and when this seemed like a missed opportunity. I will be trying to incorporate more variety and less human character in the future.

These are the silhouette thumbnails i created for design character 2, i will be working these up in the same process as character 1. For this character i tried to keep working with the scrapyard warrior or battle mechanic idea. At the moment i am liking 1,2 and 5.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Project update

So recently i decided that my current working method was having a negative effect on my working speed. I was working on 3 different areas and trying to keep them all at the same level as i progressed. In theory this is a good idea and a common practice in the industry as it allows for all your work to be at the same presentable level at all times. The problem with me is that because i'm working in a new method with this silhouette style my process is not as fast as it should be, I've been struggling with the transition from silhouette to fleshed out character concept, mainly due to my lack of painting skills which from the videos I've seen is the usual progression. Instead I've been drawing over or onto the silhouette which is kind of a step back but really the only way i know how to do it. My intent now is to focus on one character and go through the entire process up until i would have to choose my final characters. In doing this i intend to set a standard on how far a characters design should be as well as seeing how quickly i can get to that level and seeing if it improves with each character.

These are the 5 character concepts i chose out of the design tier. I will do development concepts of each of these characters and then pick the best out of those concepts. Once i have my final 5 character concepts i will pick my 3 from this area and move onto finishing the lore characters.

Here are the development concepts for my first character, i always keep the first one the same  to remind myself and others where these designs came from. I explored a bunch of ideas with this character but i'm quite partial to number 4. I like the police force theme this one has going, i find that quite a lot of my characters don't always follow the theme I've set so i'd like to try and pull them back the theme of being someone from a clear background which is now influenced by the new world they are on. In the case of this character i think i will make her a police force member from some time period and then either becomes part of the police force on this new planet or sets up a police force for this new planet. The extra arms could be typical police gear to help deal with multiple perpetrators.