Thursday, 9 May 2013

Boss Monster Designs

Here are my boss monster designs, i stuck with the typical dragon for one, the dragon design itself is pretty standard but it was an interesting sketch. I didn't bother with silhouettes for these i just sketched out the designs and worked them up. I think the dragon turned out pretty well.

The other monster is called Sawtooth and takes the place of Baron Nashor from League of legends. It is a burrowing monster that inhabits the moon where the arena is held. it's an odd character but it accomplishes the dangerous large monster vibe.

Neutral Monster Designs

Here are my neutral monster designs, the boss monsters will be separate since they will be larger. The first one The Gast is a monster that i though might look a little too sentient, i wanted these too look like alien animals or creatures that are vicious and aren't some kind of being that would be considered for a character.

 The Lasher is a different version of one of the monster silhouettes, i think it could have been better it i had time to refine it.

I quite like how the Carrion came out, a lot better than i had in my head. I was trying to use a similar formula to League of legends monsters, a flying monster was needed. 

The Golem is probably my favorite, i didn't like any of my other silhouettes so i looked back at some of my old character silhouettes and thought this one which was a stand out at the time would be a good monster. League of legends has golems so i thought i would make my own.
Next are the boss monsters, there is traditionally a Dragon and something else, i think i might do a dragon too as i have never really tried my hand at drawing them. As for the other monster i may look back at some of my animal research and maybe draw some ideas from them.

Mae: The Biomancer Lore

Name: Mae
Race: Plant Human Hybrid
Home: Earth
Time: 2054
Dimension: Prime

Mae was a Bio-Technician; she worked with various types of bacteria, testing, synthesising, mixing, extracting and so on day in and day out trying to find uses for all the kinds of experiments she conducted. She was assigned a shipment of new materials to test with, they came in hazardous boxes, unusual considering what she usually worked with. These new materials where various biological extracts, some poisonous and some had been by-products of testing elsewhere.

Weeks went by and Mae had begun working through her new specimens, combining them, testing them and changing them, most tests resulted in either more toxic chemicals or new biological formations that had no real use. One project she had previous set aside one day showed promise, it had grown. A concoction of enzymes, biochemical’s and hybrid extracts, this small dish of matter should not have grown.

Mae started testing this substance to see what it had become and why. During one of her tests she was handling a container of the new biochemical the substance in the container rapidly grew in size. This unexpected reaction caught Mae by surprise, as she reeled the substance fell out of the container and landed on her right hand. Heavily gloved she thought nothing of it and began to walk to the bin to dispose of her gloves. As she approached, the substance began to creep through her glove, seeping into her skin, burning at first and then pulsing. She tried to pull off the glove but it had begun to fuse to her skin, panicking she rushed to the sink to wash it off, the water removed the excess substance but revealed the green veined rough skin bellow beginning to change. Rushed to quarantine she could see her arm growing, changing into something hard, she could still move it and could still feel it but it wasn’t skin any longer. Mae passed out. When she awoke she was shocked to find herself in white sterile box room and her right hand fully transformed into branching wooden fist.

Mae had been turned from a scientist into a subject, tests were conducted on her, the other scientists could not harvest anything from her arm, the wood was harder than any naturally growing tree bark. Whenever the scientist tried anything extensive her arm would react and grow as if protecting her. As time went on and the scientist could not help Mae she began to change further, her skin began to change too. Her biology was changing, this substance had made her some mixture of flesh and plant. Her skin eroded things on touch, she could produce biochemical’s and use them for various things.

Mae disappeared from the labs, the scientists have no idea where she went. The Warden however knew exactly where this new Biomancer belonged.

Final Characters

Figured i'd do this to help keep track. These are my 5 chosen characters for my project, Lodus looks a little out of place but i think he helps sell that this game wouldn't just house standard humans.

Ability Set Character: Biomancer

Here is my final character, the Biomancer, she currently has no name, no doubt i will come up with one when i write her lore page. The Biomancer turned out a lot differently than i first thought it would, the initial idea was to have some sort of scientist who threw chemical casks and through some experiment had turned their arm into some kind of anthropomorphic wood weapon. However i like how she turned out, i can still work with the scientist aspect with maybe that coat having been a lab coat and after some event she's becoming half plant. Kind of sounds a close to the Batman villain Poison Ivy but i can make her my own. 

Next i will create her lore to finalize her idea and then move onto the ability sets for all the characters before polishing them up with colour, lighting and some detail.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ability Set Character Development Thumbnails

Here are the work ups for the Ability Set character thumbnails. They're pretty rushed but they get the job done, i know for a fact now that i do not want to use the symbiote character, all the designs are really just various blobs with tentacles. They really don't make for interesting character designs, i can tell that sketching them for storyboards would be a nightmare as well.

I have decided to go with the Biomancer character and chose thumbnail 1. I got some peer feedback on the Hades ones but ultimately i don't feel like they represent the character well and he doesn't haven anything going for him visually, there is really nothing more to him at the moment than him being some kind of monster.
I like Biomancer 1 because of the interesting mix and transition between plant and human.

Ability Set Character Silhouettes

Took me a while but here are the silhouettes for my chosen 3 ability set characters, The Biomancer, the Symbiote and Hades, not in the traditional sense. I need to work up the values for these before choosing which character to take as my final choice but i think it's definitely coming down to the Biomancer and Hades. 

Out of the Biomancer silhouettes i like 1 and 2, i have ideas for those characters and they match my initial idea of the character, i'm quite glad i left the gender of the character open. Although the design flow for abilities is a little awkward this way i did find that using the abilities first leaves for more open interpretation of the character.

The Symbiote is an odd one, again 1 and 2 and the ones i find interesting out of these but compared to some silhouettes of the other characters i just don't find this one as appealing.

I always pictured the Hades character as a tanky brute tearing through armies, these silhouettes don't quite reflect that but they did yield some interesting looking characters, 3 is a standout, maybe because of the more traditional Greek shapes used, i can work with that though in the lore if i chose him. 4 and 5 are quite interesting as well in their own ways. 

Next will be work ups and finalization.