Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ability Set Character Silhouettes

Took me a while but here are the silhouettes for my chosen 3 ability set characters, The Biomancer, the Symbiote and Hades, not in the traditional sense. I need to work up the values for these before choosing which character to take as my final choice but i think it's definitely coming down to the Biomancer and Hades. 

Out of the Biomancer silhouettes i like 1 and 2, i have ideas for those characters and they match my initial idea of the character, i'm quite glad i left the gender of the character open. Although the design flow for abilities is a little awkward this way i did find that using the abilities first leaves for more open interpretation of the character.

The Symbiote is an odd one, again 1 and 2 and the ones i find interesting out of these but compared to some silhouettes of the other characters i just don't find this one as appealing.

I always pictured the Hades character as a tanky brute tearing through armies, these silhouettes don't quite reflect that but they did yield some interesting looking characters, 3 is a standout, maybe because of the more traditional Greek shapes used, i can work with that though in the lore if i chose him. 4 and 5 are quite interesting as well in their own ways. 

Next will be work ups and finalization.

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