Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lore character Silhouettes

Here are the silhouettes for my chosen lore characters, Norah, Targe and Lodus. Norah and Targe sils have been posted before with some research so i tidied them up and posted them again all together. Targe likely wont be used as his lore has been turned into Serge's. 

From Norah's silhouettes i am liking 2 and 3, the other just don't stand out as much at the moment.

Targe was always an interesting character and his silhouettes where interesting, some were a little confusing but i liked where they where going. I think having Lore to draw from does really help the art process and when writing lore for the design characters i did kind of have to make up my own story rather than have the story come from the character. 

Lodus was one of my favourite lore characters, i loved the story and the imagery that came from it. The silhouettes where a little difficult  i was trying to use the beetles imagery i gathered to incorporate some visual aspects into them but most of the easily distinguishable parts were horns and appendage spikes. Putting spikes on everything is kind of bad practice when creating silhouettes.

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