Monday, 6 May 2013

Character 5 Development

Here are my character 5 silhouettes worked up, i just stuck to doing values as i need to do the work quick. I think this method still works, it's faster and although it doesn't convey as much detail i think it helps distinguished the character without visual noise getting in the way. After doing this number 3 and 4 still stuck out to me, i decided to with number 3. It's a hard choice to describe, but the arms on this one i really like, they're not the overly sized mechanical ones from the original idea but i see them as mechanical with material over them to make them look like equipment. Simple and powerful, i thought they would convey, along with he pose, an air of power and confidence for the character.

This is the final workup of the character, she didn't change as much as other designs since the silhouettes had less detail but i really like how she turned out. The arms are mechanical and attached to her but covered by tough material.

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