Monday, 6 May 2013

Design Characters Ability Sets

 Here are the ability sets for my 3 design characters. I'm going to get up to this point with the Lore character designs before i start work on the storyboards, i know i'm going to struggle with them so i'm going to try and get other work out of the way first.

These will also be displayed properly like the first ability sets i created.

Merci Ability Set


Helping hand
Every 5th auto attack Merci lands on an enemy champion causes Merci to fire 2 additional shots at the enemy.
Ability (1)

Quadra Shot
This ability is a line skillshot that fires off 4 gunshots dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit.
Ability (2)

Vision filter
This ability has 2 parts. The active allows Merci to reveal an area of the fog of war in target direction.
When this ability is not on cooldown Merci reduces the armour of nearby enemies in front of her by 5%.
Ability (3)

Searing Knife
This ability causes the player to throw a super heated blade in a target direction. If the blade connects with an enemy it deals light magic damage equal to a percentage of the enemies maximum health and applies a small damage over time debuff for a few seconds.
Ultimate Ability

Quick Draw
This ability when activated causes Merci’s bionic arms to target the two closest enemies for 10 seconds. The arm deal auto attack damage.

Serge Ability Set


Landing hits on an enemy with Scrap Hail grants Serge passive armour for 4 seconds. Scaling with level.
Ability (1)

Crushing Blow
Serge swings Scrap Hail and launches it in a line dealing physical damage to each enemy it passes through and deals damage on the return.
Ability (2)

Activating this ability will remove any stat debuff currently afflicting Serge and reduce the duration of any stat debuff applied to him for the next 5 seconds.

If this ability is not on cooldown, any enemy killed by a ability will grant Serge a small amount of health.
Ability (3)

Serge throws out Scrap Hail dealing damage in a small area and leaves  a small slowing area behind.
Ultimate Ability

Scrap Hail
Activating this ability will cause Serge to swing Scrap Hail around his head dealing physical damage in a area around him. Reactivating this ability will cause Serge to slam Scrap Hail into the ground anywhere in a moderate distance around Serge. Hitting an enemy will knock them back, an enemy cannot be knocked back more than once but will still take damage from each hit.

Linn Ability Set


Hitting an enemy with an auto attack decreases their armour by a % each hit stacking 3 times. % scales with Player Level.
Ability (1)

Blow Back
This ability causes Linn to dash a short distance landing a ferocious punch that knocks back the enemy. The punch can be charged up to deal extra damage and knocking the enemy back further. Charging the punch reduces Linns movement speed.
Ability (2)

Thundering Blows
This ability causes Linn to land stunning punch onto an enemy and then following up with a flurry of blows at a short range in front of her dealing additional physical damage.

Landing the additional blows increases Linns attack speed for 3 seconds.
Ability (3)

Thrusting Kick
Linn dashes in a target direction landing a powerful kick dealing moderate physical damage and granting a small movement speed buff to Linn for 2 seconds if the kick lands on an enemy.
Ultimate Ability

Full Contact
Linn raises her arms and punches the ground with all the strength shattering the ground around her dealing damage in the area and knocking up all enemies hit.

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