Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lore characters development

Here are the development drawing for my lore character silhouettes, since resuming the work on this project i seemed to work on creating characters a little differently, i went back to the old way i was comfortable with and then when it came to working up these silhouettes again i forgot how i did it. 

The Targe silhouettes have been developed more sketchy as i forgot to use values to speed up the process.

Norah thumbnails are simpler and just use values, this method is quicker and i really need to get as much done as fast as possible . Looking at these i quite like 2 and 3, i think they have the most interesting aspects and values.

Lodus has proven to be a difficult character to create, i would have liked to do a lot more observational drawing of beetles and such and have worked on him more consistently, it was something i did for part of a project last year but flipping back and forth between projects has made it hard to retain a work process. These haven't been as good as i hoped by i do quite like 1 and 5.

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