Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lore Drafts 2

I decided to take a little break from the design drawings as i was getting a little sluggish, i figured changing it up would help me get my work speed back up. 

So i decided to carry on working on my lore pages. The next step was to narrow them down from 5 to 3, i then took my chosen 3 lore pages, which are shown bellow, and refined and expanded upon them. Some of my character lore pages needed changing, some needed expanding as they were a little short compared to other pages.

I chose Endrea as when i had some friends look over my 5 first draft lore pages Endrea was one that stood out. The prospect of her gaining royal status in a new world was interesting, i also like that she isn't strictly human, an issue I've had with my design characters so far.

Lodus was an instant favourite of mine, i think as a character he could have some great visual aspects. I like Lodus' story too, i also have some ideas about his abilities which make him all the more appealing to me in the long run. This page is one of the ones that i needed to expand, i liked what was there but there was very little compared to the other character pages.

I chose Targe because of how fleshed out and grounded the lore is, i find him similar to one of my design character as well. I don't know if this character will be chosen over the design character.

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