Thursday, 9 May 2013

Neutral Monster Designs

Here are my neutral monster designs, the boss monsters will be separate since they will be larger. The first one The Gast is a monster that i though might look a little too sentient, i wanted these too look like alien animals or creatures that are vicious and aren't some kind of being that would be considered for a character.

 The Lasher is a different version of one of the monster silhouettes, i think it could have been better it i had time to refine it.

I quite like how the Carrion came out, a lot better than i had in my head. I was trying to use a similar formula to League of legends monsters, a flying monster was needed. 

The Golem is probably my favorite, i didn't like any of my other silhouettes so i looked back at some of my old character silhouettes and thought this one which was a stand out at the time would be a good monster. League of legends has golems so i thought i would make my own.
Next are the boss monsters, there is traditionally a Dragon and something else, i think i might do a dragon too as i have never really tried my hand at drawing them. As for the other monster i may look back at some of my animal research and maybe draw some ideas from them.

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